Technical Editing

Are you a knit or crochet designer in need of an editor to review your pattern? We can provide that service for you! With 15 years of book publishing experience and a passion for knitting and crochet, we know what it takes to make a well-written pattern for success. Our Technical Editing fee is $10.00 an hour with a pre-negotiated cap so there are no surprise costs. We are structured to keep costs low to help support Independent Designers! Our Tech edit services include the following checks:

• The instructions are technically accurate.
• Abbreviations are consistent with style of intended publication guidelines and all used abbreviations appear in the abbreviation list.
• Materials are accurate for the pattern and match the listed manufacturer information (for example, correct spelling of the yarn name and the correct fiber content is listed).
• Gauge and listed needles/hooks follow intended use of the pattern and are clearly presented.
• Pattern is presented in clear and comprehensive manner that the knitter or crocheter will find easy to follow.
• Perform a line-by-line edit of the pattern instructions to ensure that directions, stitch count, row numbers, etc., are accurate.
• Ensure that the pattern uses consistency in both presentation and wording/approach.
• Review written and chart instructions for accuracy.
• Run a spelling and grammar check and perform a general proofread.
• Follow up second edits to corrected patterns are also available upon request and are the same hourly rate.

For an additional $10.00 fee, we will work with Indie Designers to set up an individualized and customized self-publishing style guide to make your future pattern writing faster, easier, and cleaner.

Please note that Technical Editing does NOT include sizing garments for you or creating charts.

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Test Knitting & Crochet

Just as important as Technical Editing is the process of having your pattern tested in the “real world.” The best way to accomplish this is to hire a Test Knitter/Test Crocheter to physically make your garment. With 100% of our time dedicated to the knit and crochet world, we are available for hire to test your pattern. Our test pricing is negotiable based on the project. If test project is to be returned to designer, the designer is responsible for providing yarn support. Test knitting and crochet includes the following checks:

• Make a test gauge swatch and block it before starting the project and send a photo of shown gauge to designer.
• Working through the entire project following each step as written.
• Questioning the designer on any instruction that is unclear or seems inaccurate before moving along. There are NO assumptions made and everything is queried.
• Email a status update with photos to the pattern designer at least on a weekly basis.
• Offer suggestions for improvement of clarity of written instructions.
• Block finished garment.
• Mail final garment and all notes to designer. (Note: Designer pays for all shipping and handling charges.)
• All test knitting and crochet work will be completed on agreed upon deadlines outlined in a contract signed by both parties before work begins.

Please note that test knitting and crochet does NOT include providing technical edits, proofreading, or writing sizing or charts.

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Sample Knitting & Crochet (Contract Stitching)

What if you know your pattern is correct, but you just don’t have enough time to make your samples? We do that, too!!! This service is exactly how it sounds, you send us the yarn and pattern and we make the garment and send it back to you. Pricing is negotiable and based on a per project basis. Designer is responsible for providing yarn support and paying shipping and handling. A weekly status update with photos is provided to the designer until project is complete. Deadlines are VERY important to us so those will be requested upon accepting the project.

Please note that contract stitching does NOT include any editing, proofreading, or writing sizing or charts.

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Ready Made Garments

Don’t knit or crochet but want desperately to have that gorgeous sweater or those cozy looking mittens? We can’t get enough of our own knitting and crochet so we do this as well! We honor designer’s rights to their intellectual content so we only provide made garments from other’s patterns with their permission. All Brownie Knits original patterns are available for custom ready-made garments. All prices are based on the individual project and are agreed upon prior to commencing work on the garment. Items are sold via custom listings on our Brownie Knits Etsy shop. Examples of our ready made garments can be seen in the scrolling photos on this web page.

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Instruction & Brownie Knits Trunk Show

Want to learn to knit or crochet? Do will LOVE it! I am available for private lessons in the Indianapolis north-side area. Pricing is $10.00 an hour at an agreed upon public location. Already a crafter and want to host a party at your home for all your knitter/crocheter friends? We can teach a customized class at your party for a negotiated rate.

I am also available as a visiting instructor at Local Yarn Shops. Shop owners can email me at for more detailed information. For shop owners our Brownie Knits trunk show is also available!

Classes Offered by Brownie Knits:

• Beginning Knitting
• Beginning Crochet
• Cable Knitting
• Continental Knitting
• Customizing Your Knits to Fit You
• Felted Bags
• Finishing Techniques for Knitters and Crocheters
• Knitted Baby Items
• Knitting with Beads
• Lace Knitting
• Top-Down Knitted Sweaters
• Workshops centered around Brownie Knits patterns

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