Crocheted Bracelets







  1. 1. Select your yarn. It can be any weight and you only need about 30 yards (28 meters) for one that would wrap 9 to 10 times around the wrist.

  2. 2. Play around chaining with different hook sizes until you find one that works well with your yarn and provides a very even and non-loose chain.

  3. 3. Start with a slip knot and chain as long as you want. It will need to go around at least two times and can go as many as 10.

  4. 4.When the chain is the length you desire, join it to the beginning chain with a slip stitch. (Be careful not to have a twist in the chain. Although, you will twist it all around when wearing it, so it isn't critical.)

  5. 5. Sew on a decorative button over the join area. 

  6. 6. Wrap around your wrist and enjoy. You can use the button to cross and hold the twists. Some wraps will show the front and some the back. FUN!

Total crochet time is about 15 minutes (with most of that being sewing on the button). It is a GREAT project for leftover bits of yarn and that odd button. You can also make lots of them and stack them in the spring and summer for a fun and flirty look.